ESOP Transfer Instructions

If you currently have the opportunity to invest your existing funds into your company’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), then follow the below instructions to take advantage during this window:

  • Once you have logged in, hover your mouse over MANAGE then click “Your Portfolio”

  • Now click “Investment Transfers”

  • Next, decide which funds of your current investments you wish to transfer money OUT of

  • In the column, “Transfer From” go down the list and enter the percentage amount next to each of your investments you wish to transfer money OUT of.

C1D5537F-C50F-4BF3-8149-5BD48D5D0CA4 (3).jpg
  • Now that you’ve picked where the money is coming from, you need to get all those funds into the ESOP.

    Find the ESOP investment fund line and in the “Transfer To” column, put “100%”.

C1D5537F-C50F-4BF3-8149-5BD48D5D0CA4 (1).jpg

**Please note, you are telling our system you are wanting to take all the money that you designated to transfer FROM and put all 100% of that money into the ESOP.

  • Last, click “Transfer” at the bottom and you’re all set! You should receive a confirmation of your changes. Please feel free to print and save the confirmation page for your records.



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