Forms + Submissions


We have an online form, but we are hand-crafting and will walk you through the process the entire way.


Whether you have an existing plan or no retirement plan at all, we will analyze your situation so that you can determine if you are in the best fit for your company already or if there are tweaks that could take you the next level.


For submitting your regularly scheduled payroll data, bonus runs, correction files or special payrolls.


For rolling money into your 401k plan with us.


For taking money out of your retirement plan.


Specific to the IRS regulation of age 70.5 (especially if you are not sure what the amount is for this year).


For requesting your ESOP installment.


For requesting your ESOP Diversification.


For submitting annual data, contribution decision, ownership confirmation or any other annual related items for reporting and testing purposes.



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