Know Your Options

If you are no longer employed where your 401k is sponsored, there are several options to be aware of.

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Keep your 401k in tact

Although you are no longer employed where your 401k is sponsored, your funds can stay in the 401k plan which will allow your funds the

opportunity to keep preparing you for retirement.

  • Continual access to your online account

  • Ability to still pick your investments

  • Unlimited transfers from one fund to another

  • Open a Self-Directed account to trade stocks*

  • Same exceptional Leverage team customer service

*PCRA Self-Directed accounts are only available for specific plans. Contact us today to see if yours qualifies
**Please note, additional funds cannot be added to your 401k account

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Do a rollover

Whether your new employer offers retirement saving benefits or you choose to establish an IRA, a rollover allows you to keep saving while

keeping the tax deferred benefits you have already received.

  • Avoid paying income taxes

  • Avoid early withdrawal penalties by the IRS

  • Keep putting money towards your retirement

  • Move your funds to be managed by a trusted financial advisor

*TIP: Look at your new 401k and / or IRA investment options to make sure it has the investments you desire.

You will also want to be sure your new plan has low fees like us!


Cash out

You are entitled to the vested portion of your funds and have the option of cashing out.

  • Choose to receive payment as a check or via direct deposit

  • A minimum 20% federal tax withholding is required by the IRS

  • An additional early withdrawal penalty may apply for those under the age of 59 1/2



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