Leverage Retirement is here!


Leverage Retirement has officially launched and we are hitting the ground running! Starting today, you'll see the Leverage name for all things related to your retirement plan. New name, same great service.

About Schnitman Group

The Schnitman name carries a story of resilience and perseverance, overcoming odds and rising above adversity to build a legacy of success for the next generations to come.

We’ve continued that legacy through Schnitman Group since the very launch of the 401k benefit in 1979. We’ve come a long way: through cutting-edge software with seamless automation, we’re bridging the gap between technology and your retirement fund. New advances in tech are changing the 401k industry and we are on the forefront of this innovation.

As thought leaders in this industry, we wanted a name that speaks to the inventive momentum we create for your financial future.


Introducing: Leverage.

A new name to carry on our tradition of resourcefulness, and the new face of Schnitman Group’s retirement administration services.

Why Leverage? As we’ve watched the industry grow and morph over the last forty years, our experience has allowed us to leverage—use to the maximum advantage—our knowledge and technologies to streamline the complex processes of 401k management for companies and employees.

Leverage will allow your 401k plan to be more flexible and accessible than ever before, and yet our goal remains the same: protecting your hard-earned money, helping you achieve long-term security, and continually advocating for more efficient and streamlined processes to ensure your 401k is the most powerful vehicle it can be. We are committed to you.

Start looking forward to your tomorrows.

anna bryant