Tag me, brah.

We use social media to build our brand awareness and share our industry wisdom and leadership with the world. We are careful and deliberate in what we post to our social channels, to ensure brand integrity and customer support. 

Check out our Writing Goals, Voice + Tone, and Grammar + Mechanics for main writing guidelines.


Write short but smart

Some social media platforms have a character limit; others don’t. But for the most part, we keep our social media copy short.

  • Twitter: 280 characters.
  • Facebook: No limit, but aim for 1-2 short sentences.
  • Instagram: No limit, but try to keep it to 1 sentence or a short phrase. Feel free to throw in an emoji.

To write short, simplify your ideas or reduce the amount of information you’re sharing—but not by altering the spelling or punctuation of the words themselves. It’s fine to use the shorter version of some words, like “info” for “information.” But do not use numbers and letters in place of words, like “4” instead of “for” or “u” instead of “you.”


Do your best to adhere to Leverage style guidelines when you’re using our social media channels to correspond with users. Use correct grammar and punctuation—and avoid excessive exclamation points.

When appropriate, you can tag the subject of your post on Twitter or Facebook. But avoid directly tweeting at or otherwise publicly tagging a post subject with messages like, “Hey, we wrote about you!” Never ask for retweets, likes, or favorites. Ex. "We talked with @soandso about retiring at 35" not, "Hey @soandso, RT this post we wrote about you!"


Hashtags play different roles on each platform. On Twitter, we use hashtags to gain ground in search results as we build our brand. They should be used effectively and tastefully. Too many hashtags can cheapen our messaging. We may use them to promote an event or connect with users at a conference.

On Facebook, we employ hashtags rarely and deliberately. Our primary tags are #leveragemy401k and #leverageretirement. Only 1-2 tags are appropriate on Facebook, and should ideally be a seamless inclusion to the post's caption.

On Instagram, unlike the others, is where we load up on tags. Outside of the typical 1-3 tags in the actual caption, we add a second comment filled with all tags related to Leverage and the caption. 

Trending Topics

Do not use social media to comment on trending topics or current events that are unrelated to Leverage.

Be aware of what’s going on in the news when you're publishing social content for Leverage. During major breaking news events, we turn off all promoted and scheduled social posts.


Tweet with life!

Make your short post full of value. Post with humanized, expert knowledge that makes retirement and 401(k)s accessible and desirable to the world.

Share things that someone would be interested in, or that could help, fix, or benefit them. This includes articles, retweets of thought-leaders, and the relevant feel-goods: quotes, celebrations, and puppies. (Not kidding. If theres an occasional pupper that is relevant to our goals and desires as a company, we are here for it.)

Leverage not only posts articles and links, but designed images to quickly engage the passive viewers.

We have a pulse on what people are talking about on Twitter so we can be engaged and present in the conversation. We are watchful and ready to jump in when its appropriate. 


Let's be friends

Facebook is the social platform for community and connection, versus the news and real-time conversations of Twitter. Our content will be driven with that usage in mind. 

“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.”

Our Facebook is a place to share Leverage and Retirement Insider blog posts, curated content from like-minded companies, and general edutainment to promote engagement. We build trust as great content providers and subject-matter experts so we have a foundation established when Facebook users need us—and when we need them—the most.

We post maximum 1-2 posts per day, but we value quality over quantity.



We utilize our Instagram presence to share visually compelling nuggets and stories. Our posts revolve around empowering the present hustle with quotes and work style imagery, and showing a glimpse into the future freedoms to look forward to with travel, nature, and adventure-filled imagery. 

We have the option to tap into user-generated content to gain beautiful images and stories, and support the businesses, artists, and users in the Instagram community.

We post every other day, with rhythm, using a couple tags on the post. ALWAYS give photo credit, ideally tagging the Instagram accounts directly. We also include a second comment on each post to load up on relevant hashtags.