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How to Begin

First time logging in online? We have you covered! Register for your online account by filling out the the new user registration form.

Once submitted, your data will be validated in our system and further instructions will be sent via email.

Start Contributing

Once you are officially registered, you’ll want to start contributing. To do this, you need to set up your deferrals!

Your deferral rate is the amount automatically deducted from your payroll that goes straight into your retirement account.

To start contributing, use the following steps:

  • After logging into your 401k account, hover over MANAGE and click “Manage Contributions”

  • Now click “Contribution Rate/Amount”

  • You may be provided two options depending on your plan, "Change Deferral by Percent" and "Change deferral by Dollar".

  • Select to contribute either a percent of your paycheck or a specific dollar amount then click on the "Change Deferral Rate/Amount" button.

  • The next screen will show the current value of your deferral. Make the changes you want and then click "Submit Deferral Change"

  • You should then receive a confirmation of your changes. We will notify your payroll department of your deferral rate changes made online.

Choose Investments

Choosing the right investments is an important step. Be wise with your investments by doing your own research or by talking to a professional.

When you’re ready to choose where to invest your money, use the following instructions:

  • After logging into your 401k account, hover over MANAGE and click “Manage Contributions”

  • Now click “Future Contributions”

  • The next screen will show two columns: "Current %" and "New %" columns.

  • Select the investments you want by changing the amount in the "New %" column - make sure your total selections equal 100%.

  • Click on "Submit Investment Elections" at the bottom of the screen.

  • And you’re all set! Feel free to change and update your investment elections at any time.

Designate Beneficiaries

Last, but certainly not least, prepare for all situations and make sure you tell the IRS who should get your money in that worse case scenario. Do this by following the instructions below to designate your beneficiary.

  • After logging into your 401k account, click the settings icon in the top right corner, then click “Beneficiary”

  • Select "Add Beneficiary" and then enter the required information. Click "Continue" when finished.

  • You will be taken to a screen to review your changes. If you need to add more beneficiaries, click on "Add Beneficiary" and repeat steps 1-3 until all desired beneficiaries have been added.

  • When you are done adding beneficiaries, click "Apply Changes" on the review screen.

  • And that’s it! Feel free to make changes to your beneficiaries online at any time.

Note to married Participants: You are required by law to have your spouse as 100% Primary Beneficiary. If you choose to have your spouse as less than 100% Primary Beneficiary, you will need to obtain a Designation of Beneficiary form to complete and have your spouse sign the form in the presence of a Notary.



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