Transfer Instructions

To move existing money already in your account from one investment fund to another, login to your account and follow these instructions!

  • Start by hovering your mouse over MANAGE then click “Your Portfolio”

  • Now click “Investment Transfers”

  • Under Transfer Type, select either “Dollar to Dollar” to transfer an exact dollar amount, or “Percent to Percent” to transfer based on a percentage of each current investment.

  • Next, decide which funds of your current investments you wish to transfer money OUR of.

    In the column, “Transfer From” go down the list and enter the dollar or percentage amount for each investment you wish to transfer money OUT of.

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  • Now that you’ve picked where the money is coming from, we need to know where all the money is going. Start by identifying the fund(s) you want to move your money to.

  • Based on the total amount you are transferring from, enter the percentage in the “Transfer To” column next to the new funds you want.

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***Please note, the Transfer To column must equal 100%.

  • Once the “Transfer To” column equals 100, review your changes, then click the “Transfer” button at the bottom

  • And you’re all set! You should receive a confirmation of your changes. Please feel free to print and save the confirmation page for your records.



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