Change your future elections

To change the funds where your future contributions will go, login to your account and follow these instructions!

  • Start by hovering your mouse over MANAGE then click “Manage Contributions”

  • Now click “Future Contributions”

  • Decide which funds you want your future money to be invested in.

  • In the column, “NEW %” go down the list and enter the percentage amount for each investment.

    ***Please note, the “NEW %” column must total 100%.

29DB0BBD-D837-4F68-B1DF-24078519B73F (1).jpg
  • Once the “NEW %” column equals 100, review your changes, then click the “Submit Investment Elections” button at the bottom

  • And you’re all set! You should receive a confirmation of your changes. Please feel free to print and save the confirmation page for your records.



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